Now Is Beautiful

We are designed to be “in” the present moment – the only time we ever are really in.

We can bring up the past, and feel as if we are living in the strong memories. This feeling is an illusion. We have now.

It is always “now”… we cannot stop time.  It moves forward even if we don’t feel it.  And, unfortunately, it moves forward even if we don’t want it!

The future is coming.  This is that now coming up, the next now in our lives.  Our destiny is in the future… which we prepare for, … or not.


We learn from experience that we want our future “now” moments to be enjoyable.  We succeed – and we fail – to use each moment to build our lives.

Living is more than “now”, of course.  We use our minds to connect time. This ability is normally learned at an early age.  We move through time, linking moments in our minds, and continue building our lives with all of our actions and thoughts.

Everything that is beautiful is here, now.

We connect thoughts and feelings we are having in the present, with what we’ve learned.  Our lives are the wonderful collection of moments we create, along with the moments that were not wonderful. These times are connected, and that connection defines “us”… who we are.  Our lives.

Stop Worrying – Start Doing

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to move ourselves forward in life.  We’re always doing something, but just being busy is not always moving us forward.

We have survival instincts, to (hopefully) guide us to the future.  We know about cause-and-effect, about planning.  In other words, we have an automatic instinct to try to make “now” last a lot longer.

Maybe worry starts from this instinct.  We don’t know how to shape the future.  And a cure for worry is taking action.

Before you do anything… focus.

We have the instinct to focus.  Before any action comes enough focus to allow us to burn that decision into our minds.

At each moment – now – we choose how to use our time to make changes happen.  Or even to start these changes, meaningful or not.

Making the most of our lives, in this moment, and in the future, involves:

  1. understanding the world… our world, and our place in it
  2. knowing and assessing our options… what is possible, and available to us
  3. connecting our world & our options to what we want (our goals)
  4. taking action now to make things happen

Understand – Assess – Connect – Act.

A destiny will show up after you do something, or even if you don’t.  Motivation to change that result comes from knowing what you want, and understanding how it is connected to where you are now in life.

Using focus and action can boldly move your fate… your way. And that destiny starts… now.

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