01 – Now

We are designed to be “in” the present moment – the only time we ever are really in. 

We can bring up the past, and feel as if we are living in the strong memories. This feeling is an illusion. We have now.    The future is simply the now which will follow now… which we prepare for, or not…


But living is more than “now”, because we use our minds to connect time. We move through time in our minds.

We connect thoughts and feelings we are having now, with what we’ve learned. And we have survival instincts, to guide us to the future.  These are not always perfect instincts, since they are not designed for our unique personalities.

Now, in every moment, you are changing in thousands of ways. Your body is made up of tiny cells. Millions and (billions) of cells. At this cellular level, change is always happening.

And this change is what makes this time – now – different from other times in our lives.  And we can use the constant change of life, and improve ourselves.  Starting… now.