The ABC’s Of Being Positive In Life

You can change your outlook from negative, or neutral, to be positive.  The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

You deserve to feel happy, and this can come from positive thinking.

Here are three techniques to use – the “ABC’s” of being positive.

  • Accept reality, even as you work to change it.  Lying, even to yourself, creates stress.  Don’t have cash in the bank?  Work to fix it, but accept that this is the current reality.
  • Build on strengths: Focus on what is going well… what is right… the strengths of a situation.  You have a lot to be happy about.  One way to start is to write down what you’re grateful or thankful for.
  • Concentrate on what you want: This technique is basic teaching, covered everywhere, including sports, careers, the power of attraction, and goal setting.  The more you think about what you want, the more your mind will create new thoughts to help you get there.

And three more – the “DEF’s” of positive:

  • Decide to be positive – and remind yourself regularly of your decision.
  • Expect To Change: Expect your brain to forget how to focus on the negative.  Expect your mind to have a positive habit.
  • Focus: When thinking about any situation, any person, anything… develop the habit of focusing on asking “what is positive here?”  Even the tough parts of life are ways we can learn, understand, and build our character.

Objection!Thinking positive may seem to be an old, cheesy idea that doesn’t work for people like us.”  You know why someone may think this?  Because our negativity bias is making us think this way!

Being more negative may help survival, as is thought about human evolution.  But in a modern civilization, it is not seen as helpful.  There are many health benefits to being positive, as studies have shown positive-thinking people may be less sick and live longer.

This short post started and now ends… positively: Decide to follow the ABD’s and DEF’s above, and focus on the positive.

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