Gangnam Style New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions…

G Genius – I will celebrate my inner genius & enjoy my life!

A Artistic – my life is a piece of art, and I will make it a masterpiece!

N No Time For Negatives – Be Positive!

G Grateful.  I will be thankful for the successful parts of my life.

N Now – I will live in this moment, every moment.

A Assertive Confidence – in any situation I can be proud of who I am!

M Money – I will handle my finances better.

S Social interactions with people: I resolve to interact more deeply.

T Truth in my actions & words: I will be honest with myself & others.

Y Yes!  Yes I can, Yes I will, and Yes I love life! (and dancing horse style)

L Lose Weight.  Diet.  Look fabulous!  And make it last a lifetime.

E Elevators… oops… Exercise – I will dance in elevators, and exercise more.

… Gangnam Style!

© 2013