02 – Passion

“Do what you love, and happiness will follow.”

Passion is awesome. passion

It drives us. It can inspire us. It can motivate us.

Our passion is built on multiple feelings.  It balances against our collective values.
You are your experiences in life. And your mind IS your way to have those experiences. If you understand what pushes your mind, and put a construct around it, you can live your life filled with actions that have meaning for you. Actions that fulfill passions, move you towards goals, and reward the pleasure pathways in your brain that are uniquely yours.

  • Looking honestly at ourselves (our actions) we are able to see where to improve
  • (we are best when our) actions should be tied to our needs, wants, passions, and urges
  • we will usually become what we focus our thoughts on, and we can control the focus of our thoughts, and over time control who we will become.

You see politicians perform, with all of their energy… their passion for getting people to focus on their message. Many people see this as not authentic. But it may be completely authentic to the politician… they are being who they are.

Passion is the energy behind your life’s mission statement.