Cognitive Biases

We all have inner biases in our brains, called cognitive biases. Cognitive-biases

A recent post on Project Management Course on some of these biases, in the context of the World Cup, is below.  These are about a “home team bias” which is a combination of biases which we have as a fan of a team:

  1. Confirmation bias – A bias which makes you filter for information which confirms your desired beliefs. But, people who believe their own ideas and causes too much can lack balance, so seek out knowing and understanding the other side’s “facts” to know the truth.
  2. Illusion of Control – Our tendency to estimate our degree of influence excessively over our teams ability to win, just because we are a fan (and therefore want it) is natural.  But, this can make you look more detached from reality than you may realize.  Your actions thousands of miles away have never proven to help a team.  It does help you, in maintaining your image of yourself as a fan.  Maybe your actions will help you feel less helpless, which can be positive.
  3. Information Bias – Just like the control illusion issue above, this bias causes you to seek out information as if knowing more could help a situation’s outcome.  For those soccer (football) events you’re watching, whether live down in Brasil or on your TV, your cheers won’t help the team.  But knowing about this bias may help you understand that person who keeps telling you all of the details he knows about his team’s players, their games’ history, and the number of people he counts on “Likes” for all of their posts on social media.
  4. Selective Perception Bias – Our view of the world affects us too much sometimes.  So, when your tendencies for focusing on the the team’s expectations to affects your perception too much, you may want to tone this bias down.

More on biases to come in this site, as these are key to understanding decisions.