Grow The Best Version Of Yourself


You can do it.  Without waiting for New Year’s resolutions, or for tomorrow, or for… anything.

You now have in yourself the basic abilities you need to improve yourself. The best version of you is already started and alive, inside. And we change every second, every minute, all of our lives. The style we live our lives in, our decisions, our actions… these define where we will go. 

Learn to recognize and improve your natural abilities. Guiding your change lets the “future you” evolve.

It’s always okay to get excited about your potential for change.  This excitement will motivate you.  Explore the changes you can make.

Make changes slowly, and relax if the results are not always perfect.  With mistakes comes the chance to understand, to learn, change, and make improvements.

Cancel Your Regrets Now: Be Yourself. 

And, accept yourself.  It has been said that one of the top regrets people have… is the feeling of not deciding to live their life their own way.  But really, we decide every action.  We do live our “own” way.  And others like to tell us how to live.

But why?  When people tell you what they expect for your life, here is their why: they want something for themselves – a feeling.  Usually, they want to contribute, to feel in control of the result, and to feel important in your life.  You can improve how you listen to others.  Let them enjoy their feelings, and thank them.  Try to take a part – even if it is a small part – of their advice or their concern, and let them know you can use it.

Always decide your own expectations for yourself.  Compare yourself with your own vision for you.  

Develop your own wisdom.

Your growth is guided by your vision.  Your vision can adjust, because as you go and grow, you change.  Who you are today is the result of how you changed when you experienced your life.

But you are still experiencing life, and you will change more.  You can grow and can control your changes.  Compared to yesterday, we always have more “life experience” to use today to help us decide.

When we think about lessons from our challenges, joys, and experiences, we develop our wisdom.  Having wisdom is not just for other people, or only for old people; wisdom belongs in your vision for yourself. 

And so, how you make your decisions – even for the “same choices” – can change as you experience life.  This moment… your next decision… is the start of your life.  Start today.