Where Are You Now?

How’s it going?

Well?  Not so well?

You made choices and don’t like all of the results?  Learning from your life lessons?  Yes, of course.

Enjoy the moment, wherever you are.

Your life is no one else’s.  It is unique.  Life is extraordinary.  Extra-ordinary in positive areas… and in negative areas.

Twists and turns.  Yin and yang.  Somehow after making millions of small decisions, you arrived:

( here )

So, where are you now?

Living In The “Now”

Fact: You are where you are supposed to be… right now.

believe it

This believe is an empowering affirmation.  It gives you power and control to move forward in life.

It’s not about fate or destiny (but you can decide that on your own).  The outcome is standard cause-and-effect, and not the law of attraction.  This fact is about…

( living in the present moment )

We don’t always like where we are.  Accepting your situation gives you:

  • one less thing to fight: your authentic struggle is to improve your life (it is not to disagree with your life)
  • congruence: you agree with the facts about where you are
  • starting point for change: you go from here to your next place in life

Accept, then move on…

If you think you are supposed to be somewhere else, then you should be moving the direction to get there.  Don’t like your weight?  It is up to you to accept it, and then move your focus on ways to get where you want.

We all always want to be going to our destiny.  When we feel destiny isn’t right, we feel we in our lives we are not going the right direction… not at the correct place.

In a travel example, say you are in New York, but you wanted to be in Miami.  You should be taking action to get to Miami.
But, accept this: “You are in New York”.

Don’t spend (or waste) time thinking: “I should be in Miami”.  Maybe it is for a meeting.  Maybe it is for vacation. You CAN spend time thinking:

  • “When I get to Miami, I will….”
  • or…
  • “Is there some way to make up for not being in Miami?”

Live in the present moment.  Look around you.  Feel your situation.  Accept your situation.


You are exactly where you are supposed to be, even as you are moving to perhaps a better situation, or worse.  You can feel as if you’re somewhere else.  But believe you are here.


Then take control to focus on where you want to be in the future.  (optional: first, enjoy the video below.  The video was discovered after this post was written, and has similar themes and ideas.)

Bon Jovi: Welcome To Where You Are

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