Change The World, Change Your World

Inside you feel it.  You *know* it.

You are special.

You can do great things.  Amazing accomplishments are possible.

If you had wings, you could fly.  When you get more time, you will grow those wings and move faster, higher, and really show the world what you can do.

Yes… You can change the world.  There are many obstacles, lots of surprises and challenges, and, many who try to say… you can’t.

But you can.  You can do it.  And you can start now.

(if you already started, you can continue to enjoy and build your momentum in life.)

There is almost nothing you can’t do… IF you start now.

And, there is everything that won’t happen, IF you don’t start now.

Time To Start

In every second, change happens.  Small change, big change.  Nice change, bad change.

And everyone has the same amount of time.  Every day has 86,400 seconds.

Enjoying each of these seconds starts… each… second.  Tick.  Tock.  Tick.  Tock.

Life.  Moves.  On.

Change.  Change.  Change.

Regular people do this.

Anything great that anyone else has done, happened second by second.  Minute by minute.

It wasn’t magic.  It was effort, time, and (perhaps) luck.  And you can do it in your own life, in your own day.

You are ready… to start, with your thoughts and with your actions.  At any time.  For example:


Accept that you are where you are supposed to be right now.  Then, accept that you can change your world.

You can fly high and far, and you can live your dreams.

It’s not a miracle, but it can feel like one.  It’s everyone’s miracle.  It’s not a secret recipe.

You don’t have to wait for destiny, for permission, or for the future to arrive and give you time to grow wings.

Those wings are waiting.

You know you are special.  Accept possibility in your life.  Give yourself permisssion to feel the possibility that exists in your future.

It starts with just a second.  This second.  Any second: you can change your world.

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