Winning Tomorrow Through Your Actions Today

What you do today will set you up for tomorrow.

“the most powerful force
in the universe
is compound interest”

– Albert Einstein (maybe)


You are thinking now.  And, positive or negative, you will be thinking something tomorrow.

Every moment your body and your mind changes a little.  Tomorrow, you will be the slightly-changed person that will be living the results of what you do today.

Think about it: your complaints today could possibly have been stoppedYesterday.

If only you maybe were thinking and acting they way you really wanted.  If you connected your decisions with your actions a little bit better.

Your Best Influence Is You

But right now, you can influence:

  • what those thoughts are… the patterns you support (or don’t)
  • what “enjoyment” is… what you think is cool (or disgusting)
  • what the experience will be… planning for a moment you know you will be living later

And this is done… how?

1) Decision patterns: Avoid what you know you should avoid, and think about what you want.  When you understand what influences your thoughts, you can have the confidence to cut down the bad influences.  Your confidence comes from knowing you will be living the results tomorrow.  Decide to focus on what you want (your dreams, goals, desires).  Get to be better at knowing what to avoid.  Be better at switching your thoughts – your life momentum – over to activities you decide are important to spend your time doing.  It is a change from “following” to “directing/doing”.

2) Trick Your Simple Mind: you are not hard to change, but you may have to use tricks.  Almost everything you like now is something you learned to like.

As an example, maybe someone or some experience helped you decide you like blue jeans yesterday.  And you kept that thought going, and kept it growing.  You – and everyone else – create new “likes” all of the time.  And when you “like” your blue jeans today, you are actually strengthening a part of your brain with new ‘wiring’ to like blue jeans.

How?  Your mind takes the thought of jeans, the idea that you like something about these fashionable gems, and combines that idea with what you are experiencing this moment now… making a new association.  Keep “liking” something and you have lots of these positive associations in your brain.

If you traveled for a year, but accidentally forgot your beloved blue jeans, you would both (1) slowly forget some of your jeans-liking thoughts, and (2) you would start to build other thoughts instead.  You would change.

But your changing doesn’t have to be by accident!  You can control this: change what you decide you will try to “like” by (1) who and what you avoid, and (2) by who and what you put in front of you in your life.  Want to eat better?  Re-read this paragraph and do it. 

3) Actions: With small actions, and small results.  Or mix in big actions (but really, it’s just a bunch of small actions).   If you focus on positive ideas about what is possible, your mind will try to create plans to make it happen.

How?  Because, when you hold a thought in your mind for something you want, you are creating a mental game of “fill in the gap”.  Your mind knows who and where you are today.  It also holds the idea you created of what is possible.  There is space – a gap – between these thoughts.  And, minute by minute, day by day, your mind will keep trying out ideas of how to get from where you are, to the world you created…your idea.  The more ideas you have to choose from, the better the chance you will take actions from those ideas.

If you focus on ideas of: how to destroy your life, have bad luck, and lower your interest in the world… then your mind will also work on that plan.  You may even think you enjoy your ability to be unsuccessful, but evidence shows this is not true when compared to the positive path.  Focus on how to improve your life, enjoy positive experiences, and discover new cool things in the world.

There are no promises in the chaos of the world.  But given your time, you do have a choice to create the positive ideas in your brain – or find these in pictures, in people, online, and other places.

Even though it may not happen in one day, the decision to have the confidence to keep positive ideas of possible future… will change you… one day.