Proof: You Have a 6th Sense and How To Use It

How many senses do you have?

1) sight – 2) hearing – 3) taste – 4) smell – 5) touch

Yes, those are there.  But, what about:

temperature – balance – movement – stretch – pain?

Those additional five senses are real.  They are not part of the first five senses listed above, and you have even more senses.

Among the other senses we have, we have an internal sense of “chemical imbalance”, which our brain uses to sense problems in our blood.  And when it finds a problem, one option is to make us vomit, to try to get rid of the source of the problem.

We have more than 10 different senses.  These have been identified by scientists and others who study our biology.  And, there may be senses that have not yet been discovered.

An example of one sense that is hard to (feel) but is vital to your body is your sense of temperature. Your brain uses this sense to determine if your blood is the right temperature. If the temperature is wrong, then your brain automatically takes action to try to get your temperature to change. You don’t consciously “use” this sense but it exists, and you have it inside of you.

So which one is your 6th Sense?

Pick any of these additional senses, and call it your “6th sense”.  Wave to people (which uses your sense of movement) and say “I’m using my sixth sense!”

But, what about ESP? 

Now, usually the idea of a “sixth sense is usually referring to a non-sense, such as ESP (extra-sensory perception). Reading minds, predicting the future, and speaking with ghosts are examples of old-style “6th senses”.

Some of what people think are extra-senses are really just regular senses that are doing what they are able to.

Does your dog or cat have special senses?

Animals have the same basic senses that we humans do, but they have different levels of functioning of those senses. Dogs can hear sounds we cannot, some birds can see farther than humans, and so on.

There are some animals that have senses that we do not have. 

In August 2011, there was an earthquake on the East Coast of the USA. There were news stories that reported that animals about 100 miles away had “sensed” the earthquake before it happened. Further studies will determine if this is a real “sense”, but there are animals that do have senses that humans do not have.

Some animals can detect magnetic fields and even the “north pole” magnetic pull.  Hammerhead sharks can detect electricity.  At least one type of spider sees ultraviolet light as a fourth color, in addition to the three colors that our eyes detect (usually noted as red-green-blue).

sense of chocolate bar
And, it is probable that humans will enjoy more senses in the future. Some animals possess senses that humans do not. An example is the .. .which can sense the magnetic north pole.

Humans have been fitted with “eyes” that project on their backs, and they learn to see. Others can use echo-location, like bats.

Given these facts, and given current and developing technology, people could be given “add-ons” or “plugons” that would extend our senses and capabilities. That itch on your back? Don’t scratch it, it could be your new sense of music.

Or maybe your sense of money!

sixth sense of cash money image

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  1. I have actually gotten plenty of itches on my hand and the next day I’d find a check from my GI Bill for school. We all give off electromagnetic field or what people call “chi” or their “aura” and the best “chi” or “aura” that brings good fortune is a positive one. Also Tony and I got married when it rained and from what I hear it brings good fortune. Fortune to my eyes is the family I gained, the friends I’ve made, and the accomplishments I had before the New Year started it’s first day.

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