New Year’s Resolutions Ideas For You

What excuse do you have to not be doing your best right now?  Maybe it’s your “New Year’s Resolution” mentality.  Any time you put off “you”, then you are making a mistake: you’re planning to waste time that you could be using to increase your enjoyment of life.

Now Is The Best Time

If you decided that some goal is right for you, then get started NOW.  It’s time.  Create your own sense of a “new start” on your own terms, based on having your own power to get started.Times Square - New York NY - new year resolution sign

The first day of a new year creates wonderful feelings.  The calendar year, the lunar year, the school year, or any beginning… this is the chance to fuse a powerful goal into your life.

Time is our partner, all year long.  We can use time to slowly make large changes happen in our lives, in the world, and in ourselves.  Almost all change happens slowly, and often starting from small decisions.  Popular movie scenes show important life-changing moments of huge decisions, but many documentaries show regular people making minor changes that grow over time into their destiny.

The date of this article is mid-December.  If you think you’ll be very different in 2 or 3 weeks, then get ready for a downer: you won’t be.  Unless…

Time Is On Your Side – Really

You can use time wisely.  Start now: to be different, to grow, improve, change, or in other ways start on the path that you already decided is right for you.

Maybe today is a little busy.  This week is too full of stuff to do, and you can’t start.  That’s fine.  Just know that you will have this type of week, every week, until you’ve had enough.  Until you resolve to get started.

If today is that day… then you are already feeling it.  You have it… the juice – the energy… and you know you will find the time to do *something* that continues towards your better future.

New Year’s Resolution Ideas

New Year’s resolutions are great.  They let us focus on our biggest changes, our strongest goals.  Our strongest ideas are the seeds of our goals, and they can grow into goals quickly. Any day can be their day to pop up and say “Hey, you!  You have to do this in your life.  It’s time to start!

These ideas come from the stress in your life.  When something bothers you, your mind thinks of possible solutions.  You can ignore these ideas, or you can pay attention.  Most ideas can’t be done, for many reasons.  But some ideas come back again, and again.  When your desire and your abilities create the confidence to begin, you will know it.

And any day can be your “new year” to start twelve months of changes.  Let January 1 be a day to celebrate, and to continue the changes you are already making.  Any day can start those changes.

No matter what day the calendar says it is, let today be what every day is: the first day starting the next year of your life.

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