Your Ideas Have Power

Thoughts are your strength.

Your ideas have power to get results.  Ideas you share with others have power too.

The power is your strength of your mind, of your decisions.  What is called confidence is simply letting your mind’s ideas flow into action, with a feeling of truth.

There are powers inside of you which,
if you could discover and use,
would make of you everything you ever dreamed
or imagined you could become.

—Orison Swet Marde

You have strength inside you.

You do.  Your thoughts.  But the world doesn’t see this strength.  It can’t.  And you can’t.  It exists as your ideas, your energy, combined with time.  You see the results of using your energy.  You live those results.

You feel your strength.  

It’s inside.  The world can see the result of your strength.  If you let your strength run your actions, you will have strong results.

What’s the opposite of strength, of strong results?  Let’s not talk about that.  Just…

Focus on your strength inside.  

Take those ideas, those feelings, and those vibrations that you know you can use.  Hold them in your mind.  Enjoy them.  The more you think about them, the more power they have over the thoughts that are… the opposite.  Focus on the results your want, and you push away thought patterns that you don’t want.

Find strength in others.  

Everyone has strength.  Everyone uses their time, their thoughts, and their energy in different ways.  Some of these ways you will not be able to learn from.  And some of these ways, maybe hidden or barely seen, can be gold for you to take and use in your habits.  And some strengths you can use together, collaborating with others, in your challenges and chases in life.

Your thoughts, positive or negative, are the way you experience your world.  They are as strong as your dreams.  They are, in many ways, “You”, and you have the ability to use these thoughts, change them carefully, and change yourself.

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