Benefits Of Social Activity

We are social from the day we are born.  Even loners (people who like to be alone) spend some time interacting with others.  We are social on the Internet with people we may not have met. We read stories and books, and we can imagine how we might speak with the fictional characters.

We interact in our minds with hundreds of people in our memories.  We “replay” memories from our social interactions.  We also create imaginary fantasies of what could have happened.  These fantasies can be in the form of worries, or they can be more positive.

Social interaction is part of having a healthy balance in our lives.  It is important for our brains to connect with people.  And having people to interact with may allow us to heal faster.

Whether you are introverted or extroverted, your brain improves when you have social activities.  In a scientific study in 2008, over 3,500 people were studied for how much they interacted socially.  The result showed that the more social people had sharper brains.  It is thought by some people that social activity makes our brains work harder to build and use memory, and to focus.  This extra activity may cause our brains to improve.  Future research may discover more details, and may find out which types of social interactions have the most benefit.

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